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In this 6-week online course, you will learn how to build better relationships in your life as well as deepen the one you have with yourself. You will be guided on how to move from feeling alone and disconnected to feeling empowered and interconnected and be provided with the tools to move you forward with confidence.

If these thoughts sounds familiar, this course is tailored for you...

Who this course is for

  • I want a relationship but I don't know where to start

  • I don't feel like I'm good enough

  • I'm too old now to find a relationship

  • I'm scared of rejection

  • I feel like I have too much baggage

  • I don't know how to properly express myself

  • I want to put myself out there, but I’m afraid to be hurt

  • Dating makes me feel vulnerable

  • I just want to make friends but I don't know how

  • I feel so alone

The solution

In Building Better Relationships, you will learn how to release yourself from the patterns that keep you stuck and feeling alone and you will begin the journey toward greater confidence and building more connections, community and relationships in your life. 

By the end of this course, you will learn

  • How to handle rejection

  • How knowing yourself benefits your relationships

  • Things that prevent you from feeling like you belong

  • How to better connect with community and build more platonic relationships

  • The effects of Internalized homophobia in your life

  • Why vulnerability is the key to meaningful relationships

  • The 4 types of intimacy

  • Attachment styles and the impacts of attachment trauma

  • Communication skills and authentic relating

  • Conflict transformation and navigating difficult relational interactions

What guys are saying


“Personal growth is an ongoing process. Calan, Michael, and Matt have brought their talents to assist people along their journeys. I've had opportunities to share my journey and be vulnerable with all of the leaders. Without a doubt and with their unique gifts, they have helped transform lives for the better.”


“As an African-American gay man, I didn’t know my identity. I was very codependent and had very strong people-pleasing traits that were unattractive. Before finding Matt, Michael and Calan I was not thriving in the way I wanted and they have been a breath of fresh air. I was hungry for authentic leadership and conscious gay men that were DOING the work! Gay men that were vulnerable and most importantly, that they were trustworthy! In just eight months they have made a huge impact on my life. My relationships are happier and unconditionally thriving, and most importantly, I’m not afraid to be myself.”


“Before working with the Matt, Calan and Michael I was struggling with maintaining relationships with myself and others. Now my relationship with others and myself have changed due to the Gay Men's Brotherhood. If you are on the fence about starting, you have nothing to lose. I can assure you that the people in this group are amazing people and are here to support you.”


Still thinking about it?

Whether you’re single or attached, Building Better Relationships is the first step toward creating deeper and more fulfilling connections in your life, be they platonic friendships or romantic partnerships.

If you're serious about making a change in your life around your relationships then this is the right course for you to start that journey with.

What's inside

Let's take a closer look at what you'll learn

  • Module 1: Relationship to Self

    You will learn about self-awareness, boundaries, and how to deepen your own relationship with yourself in order to build better relationships with others.

  • Module 2: Relationship to Community

    You will learn how a deeper connection with self affects your connection with community as well as things that prevent you from belonging. You will also learn ways new to connect with community.

  • Module 3: Romantic Relationships

    You will learn the fundamental questions to ask yourself about romantic relationships, understand the difference between sex and intimacy, and how to re-frame the sting of rejection.

  • Module 4: Attachment Styles

    You will learn what attachment trauma is and how it impacts you as a gay man as well as how to heal any attachment trauma you may be experiencing.

  • Module 5: Communication

    You will learn how to properly express yourself and your feelings as well as learn to develop better listening skills for better communication. You will also learn about Authentic Relating and how it helps to improve communication as well as vulnerability.

  • Module 6: Conflict Transformation

    You will learn the difference between conflict resolution and conflict transformation as well as how to navigate your emotions while experiencing conflict and getting your needs met.


Instructor Bio:

From left: Michael DiIorio, Matt Landsiedel, and Calan Breckon bring over 40 years of coaching and personal development experience together in a synergetic teaching style that keeps students engaged and informed. They are also the hosts of the popular podcast "Gay Men Going Deeper" which is all about personal development, sexuality and mental health.

Michael, Matt & Calan

What you get


  • 6 modules (18 videos) that outline the step-by-step process on how to build better relationships in your life

  • Leadership and wisdom of 3 coaches with 40 years of coaching and personal development experience as your trusted guides

  • 54+ curated journal prompts designed to inspire continued growth and reflection

  • Access to our favourite resources on relationship development

Our Gift to You

  • Private Facebook Community

    By enrolling in Building Better Relationships, you will get immediate access to a private Facebook community of 6,000+ guys who are interested in developing more meaningful and authentic connections. (all welcome who identify as gay men - Trans/Queer/Fluid inclusive)


  • I don’t identify as a cis-gendered gay man. Can I still take this course?

    Yes. The course is designed with gay men in mind, but the content applies to anyone to on a personal development journey.

  • Can I bypass some of the modules?

    We suggest you don’t bypass the modules. We have designed the course content to begin with the most basic concepts and build from it with each step. We provide one module per week so that you have ample time to absorb and reflect on the lessons before moving into the next lesson without getting overwhelmed.

  • I’m fairly new to all this. Is this too advanced for me?

    We suggest maybe starting with our "Healing Your Shame" course to introduce you to personal development work and to deepen your relationship with yourself first. BUT, there is no prerequisite to taking this course and if your focus is on relationships right now, then this is the perfect place to start for you.

  • If I get stuck along the way, will I have support?

    Yes. You will be able to pose any questions in the private Facebook group where a community of like-minded guys will be there to support you.

  • Can I re-visit course content when I'm done?

    Yes. We encourage you to re-watch the videos for maximum retention and use them to motivate and inspire you.

  • What is your refund policy?

    You can read more about the refund policy at the bottom of this page.

Our Promise to You

We can’t wait to begin this journey with you. All three of us can speak to the incredible transformation that comes from deeply connected and genuine relationships. That’s why we’ve designed this course specifically to give you all the tools you need to begin your journey toward building better relationships.

Whether you’re in a relationship or currently single, this course will show you how to create and deepen those connections. It’s time to experience what it means to love yourself deeply and to cultivate healthy, supportive relationships in your life.

Should you choose to join us, we personally guarantee this course will change the way you show up in your relationships. 

We look forward to meeting you inside, 

Michael, Calan & Matt  

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Building Better Relationships