Your healing journey begins here


In this 6-week course, you will take the first powerful steps from feeling alone and unsettled to feeling confident and empowered by learning the foundational skills to build self-awareness and self-esteem without getting overwhelmed and confused along the way.

If these thoughts sounds familiar, this course is tailored for you...

Who this course is for

  • I'm not enough

  • I feel like other gay men don't see me

  • I have a lot to offer and I’m tired of being overlooked

  • Being around other gay men makes me anxious

  • It’s hard to connect with other gay men

  • I’m tired of feeling like I have to hide myself from the world

  • I want to put myself out there, but I’m afraid to be hurt

  • I’m tired of trying to keep up with the high standards of the gay community

  • I’m tired of trying to be someone I’m not in order to fit in

  • I wish there was a community of men who accept, encourage, and inspire me

The solution

In Healing Your Shame, you will learn how to release yourself from the patterns that keep you stuck and you will begin the journey toward greater confidence and self-worth. 

By the end of this program, you will learn

  • How shame impacts your everyday life

  • How shame impacts your relationships

  • How to genuinely connect with other gay men

  • How to feel empowered to be vulnerable instead of seeing it as a weakness

  • How to recognize and establish boundaries

  • How to build shame resilience

  • How to feel safe to show up and be yourself

  • How to better handle rejection and judgment from others

  • How to recognize and understand your triggers

  • How external validation affects you and prevents you from healing your shame

Success stories from the Gay Men's Brotherhood

“Personal growth is an ongoing process. Calan, Michael, and Matt have brought their talents to assist people along their journeys. I've had opportunities to share my journey and be vulnerable with all of the leaders. Without a doubt and with their unique gifts, they have helped transform lives for the better.”


“Since joining The Gay Men’s Brotherhood Facebook group I’ve found a lot of men open to personal growth and spiritual experiences.  I love the boundary of this group to not objectify one another, or use our bodies to get gratification or being judgmental of others.  This group is allowing me to challenge myself and grow internally with the safety to be vulnerable.”


“The Gay Men's Brotherhood came at a time in my life where I think it was needed most. I had all but given up on myself and just felt completely alone and stagnant. To have become a part of such an authentic and truly loving group of guys has been beyond a blessing. Every day I am learning to love myself just a little bit more and am finally able to tell myself I am worth it. It’s a family I am happy and so very proud to count myself a part of!”


Still thinking about it?

Whether you’ve never truly felt comfortable in your own skin, or you’ve realized that something in your life needs to change, Healing Your Shame is the first step towards living more authentically and satisfyingly.

If you're intrigued by what your life would be like if you let go of that feeling of 'not enough' then you are ready to begin the journey toward greater confidence and self-worth.

What's inside

Let's take a closer look at what you'll learn

  • Module 1: What is shame?

    You will learn exactly what shame is, and how to recognize within yourself and within others.

  • Module 2: How we avoid shame

    You will learn how we tend to deal with shame and take a closer look at some common masks we wear to protect ourselves from it.

  • Module 3: How to acknowledge shame

    You will learn how to better understand shame with vulnerability and compassion so that you can overcome it.

  • Module 4: Social impacts of shame

    You will learn how relying on external validation perpetuates feelings of 'not enough' and reduces your self-worth.

  • Module 5: Shame resilience

    You will learn how to find power and freedom by exploring your triggers and using that to build greater empathy and connection.

  • Module 6: Developing a sense of self

    You will learn how to develop a sense of who you truly are by embracing authenticity in your everyday life.


Instructor Bio:

From left: Michael DiIorio, Matt Landsiedel, and Calan Breckon bring over 40 years of coaching and personal development experience together in a synergetic teaching style that keeps students engaged and informed. They are also the hosts of the popular podcast "Gay Men Going Deeper" which is all about personal development, sexuality and mental health.

Michael, Matt & Calan

What you get


  • 6 video modules that outlines the step-by-step process from shame to authenticity

  • leadership and wisdom of 3 coaches with 40 years of coaching and personal development experience as your trusted guides

  • 18 curated journal prompts designed to inspire continued healing and reflection

Our Gift to You

  • Private Facebook Community

    By enrolling in Healing Your Shame, you will get immediate access to a private Facebook community of 6,000+ guys who are interested in developing more meaningful and authentic connections. (all welcome who identify as gay men - Trans/Queer/Fluid inclusive)


  • I don’t identify as a cis-gendered gay man. Can I still take this course?

    Yes. The course is designed with gay men in mind, but the content applies to anyone to on a personal development journey.

  • Can I bypass some of the modules?

    We suggest you don’t bypass the modules. We have designed the course content to begin with the most basic concepts and build from it with each step. We provide one module per week so that you have ample time to absorb and reflect on the lessons before moving into the next lesson without getting overwhelmed.

  • I’m fairly new to all this. Is this too advanced for me?

    You’re in the right place. This was designed specifically as an introductory course to provide you with the foundational knowledge you need on your personal journey.

  • If I get stuck along the way, will I have support?

    Yes. You will be able to pose any questions in the private Facebook group where a community of like-minded guys will be there to support you.

  • Can I re-visit course content when I'm done?

    Yes. We encourage you to re-watch the videos for maximum retention and use them to motivate and inspire you.

  • What is your refund policy?

    You can read more about the refund policy at the bottom of this page.

Our Promise to You

We can’t wait to begin this journey with you. All three of us can speak to the incredible transformation that healing our own shame has done and continues to do in our own lives. That’s why we’ve designed this course specifically to give you all the steps you need to begin your journey to self-love.

Whether you’re newly out or have been around the block a few times, this course will empower you to make the change you know is calling you forward. It’s time to experience what it means to live your life on your terms, expressing your true self and finally listening to your deepest desires. 

Should you choose to join us, we personally guarantee this course will change the way you show up in the world. 

We look forward to meeting you inside, 

Michael, Calan & Matt